Daniel Goleman EI Course (English)


Emotional intelligence (EI) is crucial for personal and professional growth, helping you develop your inner capacity and impact, become an exceptional leader, and build high-performing teams.

This flagship course is part of the only EI training program created in direct collaboration with Daniel Goleman — founded on the concepts and practices of his model that are critical to developing and deepening transformative EI skills.

Our eLearning journey is designed to help you bridge the gap between theory and practice. It offers guided facilitation, a cohort-based community, science-backed knowledge, and practical experiences that build impactful skills.

Pace yourself in the best blend of asynchronous and synchronous learning with weekly modules including video, audio, reading, and reflection.

In this 12-week (but only minutes a day) online course, you can:

  • Learn the 12 foundational and relational skills from Daniel Goleman’s EI model
  • Earn two verifiable digital Credly badges from the Daniel Goleman EI program
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Unlock your growth potential with intentional learning, practice, and reflection.

Impact of Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Courses

  • 93% said the course helped them develop or deepen their foundational emotional intelligence skills
  • 98% found the lessons directly relevant to their work
  • 92% would recommend the course to a friend or colleague

Our courses track the latest neuroscience research on the dynamics of relationships and data on the impact EI has on an organization’s bottom line. Our engaging learning format, inspiring community, expert facilitators, and hands-on tools help learners bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Jumpstart your emotional intelligence journey and be a force for good.

EI isn’t fixed at birth. It’s a skill you can learn and hone over time.

And your growth can be felt by everyone around you — creating a ripple effect of positive impact.

The Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Courses combine guided facilitation, evidence-based knowledge of what drives behavioral change, and practical experiences that build impactful skills.

Experience a flexible, blended learning program with weekly modules including video, audio, reading, and reflection.

And learn with — and from — your global cohort community.

Each weekly module is divided into five or six days, with specific steps outlined daily. You can expect to spend 15-30 minutes per day for intentional learning, practice, and reflection.

What We Will Cover

There are four domains and 12 competencies in the Daniel Goleman emotional intelligence model. For this course, we’ve replaced “Achievement Orientation” with “Focus” as a meta competency that bridges several domains.

What You Will Achieve

Whether you’re an emotional intelligence coach, business leader, people manager, HR professional, or someone interested in growing EI, this course will help you:

  • Gain practical knowledge and understand how and when to apply EI skills that are prerequisites for responding to your own and others’ emotions.
  • Increase your threshold for complexity and be more flexible in the face of stress and uncertainty.
  • Apply emotional intelligence to cultivate resilience and respond more effectively when encountering setbacks, obstacles, and challenges.
  • Discover how to enrich your relationships with psychological safety and trust.
  • Learn how to positively influence others while navigating challenging team dynamics and shifting work environments.
  • Strengthen teamwork and collaboration through science-based practices.
  • Become a leader who inspires innovation, engagement, and trust.

What EI Learners Say About Our Courses

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Do you offer private cohorts?

Yes! If you prefer to participate in a private cohort exclusively for your team, clients, or organization, please contact us. We’d love to learn more about your needs and work with you to create a custom EI learning experience.

How much does registration cost?

Registration per seat is $1045, which includes the 12 crucial competencies from Dr. Goleman’s emotional intelligence model and two digital badges (earned upon successful completion).

What’s the Live Session schedule for this course?

We welcome EI learners from all over the world. Each Live Session has two available times to join, so you will have the option of choosing the Session time that best aligns with your schedule.  You can also view the on-demand recording if you have a conflict for that particular session. This schedule is subject to change but rest assured you will be notified of any adjustments prior to the course start date.

Live Session Schedule for the next course that begins September 16, 2024:

  • Thursday 9/12 — 12-1:30 pm ET or 6-7:30 pm ET
  • Thursday 9/26 — 12-1:30 pm ET or 6-7:30 pm ET
  • Thursday 10/10 — 12-1:30 pm ET or 6-7:30 pm ET
  • Thursday 10/24 — 12-1:30 pm ET or 6-7:30 pm ET
  • Thursday 11/7 — 12-1:30 pm ET or 6-7:30 pm ET
  • Thursday 11/21 — 12-1:30 pm ET or 6-7:30 pm ET
  • Thursday 12/5 — 12-1:30 pm ET or 6-7:30 pm ET


Please keep in mind the 90-minute Live Sessions via Zoom occur every other week throughout the duration of the 12-week Course. The first Zoom session is orientation-focused and is scheduled for one week before the course begins.

Is there an app for this course?

The Dream See Do app is in development and is only available on iOS. If you’d like to engage with the course content on a mobile device, a web version of the platform is also available and offers a better experience than the app. For the best Learner experience overall, we highly recommend using desktop.

What’s the overall course timeline and overview?

Please view this Course Summary to better understand the course logistics.

I registered for the courses, but I need to cancel. Can I get a refund?

We understand life – and extenuating circumstances – happen.

Due to limited enrollment, we request you cancel at least 7 days before your scheduled cohort begins. This gives us the opportunity to fill your spot in the cohort.

If you need to cancel your course registration, the following schedule applies:

  • We offer a full refund within 24 hours of registering, regardless of your registration date.
  • We offer a full refund, minus a $75 non-refundable administration fee, up to 7 days before your cohort begins.
  • We offer a 50% refund from 7 days before your cohort begins until 7 days after your cohort begins.
  • No refund is offered after the first 7 days of your cohort.


Please contact us to confirm with your intent to cancel and we will follow up based on the policy noted above.

How long will I have access to the learning platform after completing the course?

Please see below for course-specific access beyond the 12-week course schedule:

  • Daniel Goleman EI — English: up to three months after
  • Daniel Goleman EI — Spanish and Daniel Goleman EI — Spanish (Foundational Skills) : up to three months after
  • Daniel Goleman EI+ (Continuing Ed), Daniel Goleman EI+ (Foundational Skills), and Daniel Goleman EI+ (Relational Skills): up to nine months after


Can I be in the same cohort as a friend/colleague if we enroll together?

Yes, we would be happy to accommodate you. Once you and your friend/colleague/team have signed up for the course, please contact us with the names of everyone you would like to be placed in a cohort group with.

Is this asynchronous or synchronous?

All of the Daniel Goleman EI courses are online, asynchronous, and released in weekly modules that include video, audio, reading, and reflection. You can pace yourself through each week in a way that best aligns with your schedule, while engaging with your cohort community and facilitator.

This course fosters a rich community of EI change-makers and is designed to optimize your Learner experience through a combination of engaging course content, skilled facilitators, and practical tools to help you bridge the gap between theory and action. There will also be 90-minute synchronous live group check-ins via Zoom with course facilitators, occurring every other week through the duration of the course. It is highly recommended to be at these sessions live, if you can make it; we provide recordings as well.

How is Daniel Goleman involved in this course?

This is the only emotional intelligence (EI) training program affiliated with Daniel Goleman, created in direct collaboration with him, and founded on the concepts and practices of his model that are critical to developing EI. While the course is not taught or facilitated by Dr. Goleman, the asynchronous weekly module content (video, audio, reading etc.) features Dr. Goleman and his collaborative work. The course facilitators you will engage with have also been certified and trained in-depth on his emotional intelligence model.

What if I have a different question not featured here?

We are here for you. Please email or call us at (413) 587-0818 with any questions, suggestions or feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

I’d like to sign my team up. Do you offer a group rate discount?

Yes! We’re happy to offer a group rate discount for five or more registrations. Please contact us at courses@danielgolemanemotionalintelligence.com for more info.

Are there flexible payment options available?

We want to support everyone who wants to invest in growing their emotional intelligence. If you would like to explore flexible payment options, please contact us for details.

What’s the time commitment per day?

To optimize for meaningful learning, reflection, and application, every week’s competency is divided into five or six days—with specific steps outlined for each day. You can expect to spend 15-30 minutes per day to go through the daily content and get familiar with the exercise/activity outlined, complete the exercise/activity and share your reflection.

Often the activity will include noticing different aspects of your experience over the course of a day. We recommend planning to review the content in the morning, complete the activity during the day and leave your reflection at the end of the day. Be sure to plan time to read and respond to the reflections from your fellow cohort members as well!