Enabling a more emotionally intelligent self-aware empathy-driven world. Together.

The Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Courses (DGEIC) combine guided facilitation, evidence-based knowledge of what drives meaningful behavioral change, and the experiences that build impactful EI competencies. 

This is the only emotional intelligence digital training program affiliated with Dr. Goleman, created in direct collaboration with him, and founded on his model of the Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competency. 

Widely credited for popularizing EI, Daniel Goleman is an internationally known psychologist, author, and speaker. As a science journalist, he reported on the brain and behavioral sciences for the New York Times. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Harvard University, and is a contributor to Harvard Business Review and Korn Ferry Briefings. His 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, was on the New York Times best-seller list and has been translated into more than 40 languages. 

While the courses are not taught or facilitated by Dr. Goleman, the asynchronous weekly module content features Dr. Goleman and his collaborative work. The course facilitators you will engage with have also been certified and trained in-depth on his emotional intelligence model.

The DGEIC tracks the latest neuroscience research on the dynamics of relationships and data on the impact EI has on an organization’s bottom line. Our engaging courses, inspiring community, vetted facilitators, and hands-on tools help learners bridge the gap between theory and practice. 


Key Step Media

Key Step Media provides training and educational content on the topics of leadership, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence for personal and professional development. We seek to create a shift in leadership towards greater self-awareness, more conscious decision-making, and a deeper sense of positive connection.

Key Step Media serves as the execution arm behind the Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Courses, focused on developing an ongoing conversation, framework, and community around the critical key steps of what makes an emotionally intelligent leader.

Michael Stern — Course Facilitator

Michael is a purpose-driven coach and facilitator who works with high-performing leaders, talents, and teams within corporations, startups, non-profits, and educational institutions.

As founder of Integral Alignment, Michael supports people to develop a vision, strategy, and skillset to optimize performance and wellbeing. He is also the co-founder of the Emerging Leaders Project, a global community of practice committed to transformational leadership and conscious social change.

He is also a certified Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Meta-Coach trained in mindfulness and systemic constellations. He dedicates his work to helping humans navigate accelerating complexity and disruption — to realize the more beautiful world their hearts know is possible.

Patricia Figueroa — Course Facilitator

An executive coach, specializing in emotionally intelligent leadership, and based in Latin America, Patricia Figueroa works with English and Spanish-speaking clients, including CEOs and other senior level executives from around the globe on negotiating and influencing skills, conflict management, and managing their personal power.

Patricia’s coaching philosophy is based on her belief that certain character traits and competencies are core to one’s overall success, specifically those related to emotional intelligence, e.g. self-awareness, self-management, empathy, relationship management, as well as adaptability, resilience, stress management, achievement orientation, and others, all of which can be learned, developed and measured.

She also applies insights from the field of neuroscience to the behavioral change strategies she teaches, to help clients improve their overall leadership performance. Patricia has worked with clients spanning a variety of industries, including biotechnology, financial services, health care, manufacturing, education, and the farming sector. She has conducted hundreds of conferences, training sessions, and organizational workshops on Emotional Intelligence specifically, and leadership effectiveness in general, in Latin America and virtually to a global audience.

Sandra De Nobrega — Course Facilitator

Sandra is a certified Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence coach dedicated to making organizational spaces for expansion, rather than containment. She believes emotionally intelligent leadership is the key to success in this goal, which is why she has spent decades specializing in Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, NLP and especially Emotional Intelligence (EI).

In addition to teaching EI classes at the graduate level, she also serves as the Executive Director of the Straight Up Group, where she accompanies organizations in America and Europe to empower leaders to become agents of change. Sandra enjoys the processes of growth and the creation of memorable experiences that accompany the development of EI — aimed at making a positive impact at both the organizational and individual levels.

Fernando Restoy — Course Coordinator

Fernando Restoy coordinates the Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Courses while managing the implementation of strategies for creating emotionally-safe environments that support students’ learning and social and emotional development in Cambodia’s biggest nonprofit school.

Fernando has the honor of initiating and coordinating the first UN Conference on emotional intelligence, as well as having been invited to speak at the World Economic Forum in New York, delivering numerous trainings in EI and leadership for various organizations. He has also participated in several webinars and podcasts, and written the Emotional Intelligence and the Sustainable Development chapter in the Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.