Learn the 12 essential competencies from the Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence (EI) Model:

Develop your best self.
Become an exceptional leader.
Build high-performance teams.

Emotional intelligence (EI) training for personal and professional success.


Learn the 12 Foundational and Relational skills in Dr. Goleman’s flagship training for developing and deepening emotional intelligence.

This course will be delivered in English.


Learn the 12 Foundational and Relational skills in Dr. Goleman’s flagship EI training + earn 40 continuing education units (CEUs) from the International Coaching Federation.

Other industry CEUs coming soon.


Aprenda las 12 competencias Fundamentales y Relacionales en el entrenamiento insignia del Dr. Goleman para desarrollar y profundizar la inteligencia emocional.

Este curso se impartirá en español.

What Makes Us Different

This is the only emotional intelligence training affiliated with Daniel Goleman, created in direct collaboration with him, and founded on his model of the Emotional and Social Leadership Competency. 

We combine guided facilitation, evidence-based knowledge of what drives behavioral change, and practical experiences that build impactful EI skills. 

We love supporting learners all over the world in developing EI and transforming emotional habits.

Unlock your growth potential with intentional learning, practice, and reflection.

12 Weeks of

7 Live
Zoom Sessions

Daniel Goleman
EI Trained Facilitators

Global EI Cohort

Verifiable Digital
Badges & Certificates

What EI Learners Say About Our Courses

Invest in Emotional Intelligence Today.

Your future self will thank you.


  • Studies show 90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence and a higher average annual income.
  • In a future powered by artificial intelligence, EI is one of the top three skills leaders believe will become even more essential.
  • As a Top 10 professional skill identified by the World Economic Forum, EI is essential to personal and professional growth.


You can learn, grow, and apply your EI skills to get the results you want — now and in the future. And your growth can be felt by everyone around you…creating a ripple of positive impact. 


Stand out from the crowd and cultivate greater satisfaction — in work and in life.

  • Develop one of the most highly valued job skills.
  • Master the underlying abilities that make stellar leaders.
  • Build your adaptive muscles for resilience and flexibility.
  • Achieve greater self-awareness and values alignment.
  • Build positive relationships and meaningful connections.
  • Improve overall well-being with less stress, enhanced empathy, and effective conflict resolution.

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