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More than IQ, advanced degrees, or technical skills, emotional intelligence (EI) is crucial for personal and professional growth, helping you develop your inner capacity and impact, become an exceptional leader, and build high-performing teams....

In times of accelerating change and disruption, the need for EI is even more critical.

As you face challenges like a pandemic, social unrest, personal conflict, or a problematic colleague, the way you understand and manage emotions — your own and those around you — makes all the difference.

Deepening emotional intelligence with the 12 competencies Dr. Goleman identifies in his model of EI builds an evolving toolkit to meet, understand, and navigate the psychological and social challenges of change. While shoring up your resilience and diminishing your stress.

In this 12-week online course, you can:

  • Learn the 12 foundational and relational skills from Daniel Goleman's EI model
  • Earn two verifiable digital Credly badges

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